Researchers & Agencies

Virtual Reality is hot in the world of research. Many universities and research agencies are experimenting with VR as a research tool, in order to streamline their research and open up new possibilities for clients.

OSQAR, with its launch in 2016, is the world’s first commercial platform that enables large scale VR studies to be conducted effectively today. Studies can be setup quickly, affordably and reliably and are endlessly scalable and repeatable. Furthermore, the platform is constantly improved and expanded by a multidisciplinary team of researchers, psychologists, developers and VR experts.

The required investment involved in an OSQAR study is another attractive feature of the method. Simple, real life A/B test studies easily range from 10,000,- to 25,000,- whereas a similar OSQAR study is available from as little as 8,000,-.

Conduct your own VR research

Are you part of a University or research agency and would you like to conduct your own studies in VR? OSQAR offers two possibilities that will enable you to do so:

Technical execution

It is possible to run your own research projects on the OSQAR platform. You can supply your own VR images, or have us make them. The same goes for the questionnaire and target audience selection. The results can be analyzed by Consumatics, or supplied as raw data in a format that is easily imported into your favourite statistical analysis software. You stay in charge of your own project and client contact, Consumatics takes care of the technical execution of your project. No hassle!

White labelling (SaaS)

Do you want to repeatedly conduct your own studies in VR? Then white labelling or SaaS (Software as a Service) of the OSQAR platform is the way to go. You get your own content management system to build and manage your own research projects and panel. Custom apps (iOS and Android) are rolled out with your own branding, and you receive a thorough training to get the maximum out of the platform. You can now run your own research projects, under your own flag.

The investment involved is significantly smaller than the development costs of your own dedicated VR tools. Through flexible pricing based on a limited startup fee and competitive fees per project, using the OSQAR platform for VR research is extremely attractive for research professionals.

Combined force

We strongly believe in the importance of VR in the future of (scientific) research. This does require massive innovation and technical development, which we prefer to tackle together. Through cooperation with other research agencies, we combine knowledge and means. This ensures OSQAR remains the frontrunner in VR research and that we make quick progress with regards to new features and applications. This is why it is smart to choose OSQAR as your VR research platform, so you are always ahead of the pack.

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