A radically new perspective on research

What is OSQAR?

Virtual reality research

OSQAR is short for Off-Site Query And Research, in other words research that is free from geographical restraints. By deploying the latest Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, we transport people from the comfort of their own couch, to any desired test location. OSQAR offers a radical new approach of testing the effects of formulas, concepts, materials and products on their intended end users. whether it is shelf organization in a supermarket, the use of colour in a hospital or marketing materials in hospitality.

Why research in VR?

Flexible adaptations

What happens to a customer’s experience if we paint the walls of a shop red instead of blue? In VR, we can find out with just the click of a button. The effect is measurable straight away, without wasting a single can of paint, saving time, effort and costs. test

Quick response

OSQAR has equipped a large consumer panel with VR goggles. This panel can virtually visit your concept at any time.

Valuable customer information

Do millennials respond differently than forty-somethings? Curious whether men experience your concept differently from women? Does education level make a difference? With OSQAR, such valuable metadata is naturally included in every project.

Testing before launch

No more risk of damaging your image by testing innovations in practice. From now on, you can conduct pilots are conducted in VR!

Limitless reach

Want to test how Londoners respond to a concept from New York? Find out whether a regional concept is ready for national roll out? OSQAR enables you to reach your target audience without regard for geographical limitations.

Perfect isolation of variables

By using the same footage for all respondents and all conditions, a perfect isolation of test variables can be accomplished. The weather, crowdedness, day of the week and time of day no longer affect research outcomes, which makes for a reliable result.

For who

Formulas & brands

You are working for a retail or hospitality formula, care or governmental institution, brand or other organization that values the effects of its choices on its end users.

Researchers & Agencies

Your organization conducts its own research and is ready for the next step: Virtual Reality.

Panel members

You would like to take part in VR experiments as a respondent.

Download the app

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